Welcome to Sustainable Stirling

We are City of Stirling residents who want to help develop our city into a sustainable, livable environment for all residents. We help people understand how to improve our local environment and quality of life, and save money.  Through Sustainable Stirling we aim to come together to exchange ideas, concerns and knowledge.  Activities involve discussion with CoS councillors and CoS staff as appropriate, facilitating informative workshops and holding informal “catch ups”  for discussions on matters of interest. 

Upcoming Events

Join us at our next

Informal meet-up on 25. June 2024, 1:30pm
Where:   Scarborough Community Hub (undercover tables)
What:   Discuss questions about how to save money and reduce your carbon footprint

About Us

Sustainable Stirling is a group of environmentally interested City of Stirling residents who were inspired by the authoritative research of the Clean State WA team into jobs that will be generated in a net-zero-carbon economy.

The Sustainable Stirling core team members have backgrounds and experience in IT, secondary and tertiary education and social projects. They are:

Rees Barrett is an education and training consultant with a decade’s experience volunteering with the UN Association, Achievers Club (refugee families) and Clean State.

Marita Keenan is a records and information consultant, founding WA  president of RIMPA, and  of the Toy Library Association of WA. She lectured at Curtin University and volunteers with Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action and with Grandmothers for Refugees.

Léopoldine Hallynck is an IT professional with interests in environmental topics and animal welfare.

Dr Steffen Zorn is a tertiary educator researching and lecturing in marketing and technology management at RMIT and universities in Malaysia and Norway